Don't Spy On Us

Posted by Rachel Robinson on 11 February 2014

Enough! It’s time to fight back against out-of-control state surveillance. Liberty has joined the Don’t Spy On Us coalition – a group of organisations defending privacy, free expression and digital rights. We’ve come together to combat the breathtaking, unfettered surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden.

The mass snooping our securocrats have been indulging in violates our right to a private life under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. Hoovering up the communications of innocent people - without judicial oversight or effective safeguards - is a glaring violation of our fundamental rights and a breach of trust on the grandest scale.

Yet mass surveillance is on the increase. The law is still dangerously broad and the UK has rapidly expanded its surveillance capabilities in recent years through new legislation in Parliament. Parliamentary oversight of the intelligence agencies has no real bite – it’s limited and seriously lacking in independence.

We need an inquiry to investigate the extent to which the law has failed and we’re calling for reform of the legal framework so these agencies stop spying on us. New legislation is urgently required – to make the spooks accountable to our elected representatives, put an end to mass surveillance and let judges, not the Home Secretary, decide when spying is justified.

Today is the day we fight to get our privacy back.



Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson

Policy and Advocacy Manager