In court, in Parliament, on the streets – we're ready

Posted by Martha Spurrier on 13 December 2019

Whatever you’re feeling, however you’ve voted, we have a new Government.

It’s been an exhausting election, and you probably want a break and are looking forward to the holidays.

For Liberty, this is when our work really begins. Our role in fighting for everyone’s rights feels more vital than ever.

For nearly a century Liberty and its members have been holding the powerful to account, winning legal cases, changing unjust laws and influencing political and public opinion to make the UK a fairer place for everyone.

We’re now in for the fight of our lives.

We’re facing an attack on the Human Rights Act, increased surveillance of the whole population and policing which targets minorities.

The racist hostile environment and state harassment of anyone considered different will continue.

And our very democracy is under threat with this Government that wants to put itself above the law.

But we’re ready.

In court, in Parliament, on the streets – we’re going to fight like our rights depend on it.

Join us.

Martha Spurrier

Martha Spurrier