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Up to scratch? A human rights health check of the draft Brexit agreement

Liberty breaks down the good news and bad news in the draft agreement between the UK and the EU

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Remembrance Day: our troops deserve the same rights and protections as the rest of us

The best way to honour those who have given their lives, and those who still are in the forces, is to look after our service people properly and give them the same basic protections that the rest of us enjoy. Second-best justice is not good enough.

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Why it’s as important as it’s ever been to stand up to power

Our look might have changed, but our aims remain constant. They're the same as they’ve been since 1934 – to challenge injustice, intolerance and abuse of power, defend freedom and make the UK a fairer, more equal place.

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New domestic abuse laws cannot become a missed opportunity

The Government intends to publish a Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill to tackle these crimes and properly support anyone who has suffered because of them. And this week, the Home Affairs Select Committee published its report identifying issues to be addressed when a draft law emerges. But a number of its proposals must go further.

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Papers please: how biometric ID checks put our rights at risk

On-the-spot biometric ID checks are an intrusive and unnecessary addition to the ever-expanding network of police surveillance technologies.

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Brexit: Time is running out for the UK and EU to take rights seriously

As negotiations reach a crucial stage, both sides must commit to protecting our hard-won fundamental rights and freedoms after Brexit.

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The deadline for completing the GRA consultation is 19 October – make this a date you keep

This moment is one of those rare occasions where a small act can have a big impact. Your support could genuinely help change the lives of trans people across the country.

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One month after Government promised to scrap the ‘same roof rule’, serious concerns remain

Last month, the Government published its Victims Strategy, setting out its “vision for victims of crime”.

The strategy outlines that there will shortly be a consultation on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) – a government-funded scheme meant to compensate victims of violent crime.

The CICS can be a vital way for victims to have their experiences acknowledged and help them move on – and Liberty has been campaigning for, and working with, victims to ensure it is as fair as possible.

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Why we’re no longer taking part in a consultation on the police’s new super-database

The dangerous side effects of the Home Office’s new super-database will put our rights at risk. Here’s why Liberty cannot participate in a consultation that fails to recognise that threat.

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The latest Army Sexual Harassment Report shows drastic changes are urgently needed

The Army’s sexual harassment survey and action plan was published earlier this month.

The survey indicates that both generalised sexualised behaviours – those relating to the culture and working environment – and sexualised behaviour targeted at a specific person have reduced slightly since 2015.

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