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New Year, New Challenges, Same Liberty

And just like that, it’s over. The years seem to disappear quicker than Cabinet ministers these days.

As another tally mark is added to Liberty's history, we’re older and wiser for it. That's 84 now – but we're as sprightly as ever.

There were attacks on rights and freedoms from many quarters in 2017, but it saw Liberty and all of our members and supporters do what we’re here to do – stand up to power, stand up for our rights and challenge intolerance, injustice and abuse of power wherever we find it.

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Retired Brigadier: In the UK we believe in the rule of law, not vigilante justice

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said British people fighting with Daesh in the Middle East should be hunted down and killed to prevent them from returning to the UK. Retired Brigadier and the Army's former Director of Personal Services, John Donnelly, explains why such a proposal could radicalise others, rather than keep us safe.

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Donate to Liberty through the Big Give to double your contribution to our work

This year, your support will go straight to our human rights advice and information service. Our Advice & Information Officer Donnchadh Greene explains why we need your help now more than ever.

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Victory is in sight in the battle to protect our rights after Brexit

Our analysis of the Government's near-defeat on rights at last night's debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

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Join Liberty's Policy Council and help us stand up to power

Liberty is ordinary people standing up to power.

Each year, our members elect a Policy Council to help determine Liberty’s position on everything from mental health legislation to Brexit’s human rights implications.

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Why we're part of a coalition of human rights organisations taking on the UK Government's mass surveillance regime

Next week brings a watershed moment in the battle to protect our privacy rights and the rule of law against mass government surveillance.

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50 years after the Abortion Act, women in Northern Ireland are still denied basic rights over their own bodies

This week marks 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act passed – providing free, safe and legal abortions in Britain. But this anniversary reminds us that women in Northern Ireland – where the Act has never applied – have been waiting 50 years for these same rights.

In Northern Ireland there is a near-blanket ban on abortion and women run the risk of life imprisonment.

There is no exception for rape, incest or fatal foetal abnormalities – leading the United Nations to call the ban a human rights violation.

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Whistleblower, abortion rights campaigners and entire Welsh town honoured at Liberty Human Rights Awards

When it comes to the Government respecting and protecting our rights, freedom and equality, this has been a dark year – from the contempt for democracy shown in the Repeal Bill to technologically illiterate attacks on our online privacy and the continued creep of immigration enforcement into every corner of UK life. 

But last night Liberty members and supporters came together to honour those who aren’t willing to sit back and accept this vision of our country’s future at our annual Human Rights Awards.

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Combatting sexual violence: challenge the culture in court and in our communities

One thing is clear from the widespread allegations currently tearing through Hollywood: sexual harassment and violence is endemic. The brave women who broke through a culture of secrecy and silencing to disclose their experiences of abuse have sparked a global conversation.

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Government concessions for Grenfell Tower survivors: still far from humane

Yesterday afternoon the Home Office announced that survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire who have insecure immigration status will be allowed to apply to stay in the UK longer, and eventually for permanent residence – updating their initial paltry offer of a temporary 12-month stay.

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