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For Cheryl

Two weeks ago, I shared an update about my marathon training and asked for your support. Including gift aid, we've now raised £7,568.75! I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support you’ve all shown me – not just in helping me to reach my fundraising target, but also all the lovely messages you’ve sent too.

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The IP Bill: the good, the bad and the downright scary

On Tuesday – less than three weeks after the draft version came in for severe criticism from no less than three cross-party committees – the Home Office published its Investigatory Powers Bill.

In an accompanying statement, Theresa May said she was “pleased to say that the revised Bill, along with the supporting material that we are publishing alongside it, give effect to the vast majority of the recommendations made by the three Committees”.

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The Government has promised not to weaken Freedom of Information - we must hold them to their word

After reviewing the evidence – almost all of which supported the Freedom of Information Act – the Government's Commission has released its report

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The case for a time limit on immigration detention has never been clearer

Another week, another depressing reminder of the desperate state of the UK’s immigration detention estate. Tuesday’s report by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (HMIP) on Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre makes for disturbing reading.

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Refugee crisis: How the UK can, and must, do more

The past week has seen a frenzied focus on our continued membership of the EU, with countless column inches and political interventions devoted to competing arguments on security, the economy and national sovereignty. Aside from weighty matters of the national interest, a side-show of party infighting, mud-slinging and personal revelations has provided drama and intrigue of (soap-)operatic proportions.

Humanitarian crisis

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5 Reasons why we need intercept evidence in court

The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill – the Government’s new surveillance law – is currently going through Parliament – and has just received huge criticism from every committee to scrutinise it. The Bill is a once-in-a-generation chance to shape our spying laws for the better. But as it stands, it risks both our freedom and our safety.

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Transparency and redress

Liberty is calling for a re-draft and the inclusion of strong safeguards in the Government’s Draft Investigatory Powers Bill. Our Eight-Point Plan lays out clear, practical ways we can guarantee surveillance is conducted in a necessary, proportionate and accountable way.

It’s vital the final Bill includes measures to improve transparency and redress mechanisms for people who’ve been spied on. These safeguards would provide much needed accountability for the use of intrusive surveillance powers by public bodies.

What’s this about?

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Going the distance for the Human Rights Act

I nearly fell over last night. It had been a good day until the pavement suddenly shifted beneath me. Rhythm shot, balance failing, I was going over. My life flashed before my eyes – all the pain, the tiredness, more kale than any person should ever have to eat. Twelve miles from home I’d have to catch the night bus back with a bloody nose. How humiliating.

But just as all seemed lost, those handy reflexes kicked in, my legs readjusted, and I stumbled back to form. No time to dwell on it; I know it’ll get much worse. This is my life now – Emma Finch: marathon trainee.

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Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: a jargon-buster

The 300-page Draft Investigatory Powers Bill is so filled with technical jargon that the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee labelled it “confusing”. Here, we break down the language barrier that shields this crucial piece of legislation from much-needed public scrutiny.

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Further controversy for the flawed Trade Union Bill

As workers up and down the country use trade union week to celebrate the vital contribution unions and their members have made to the development of fair and safe workplaces and practices in our country, the Government’s Trade Union Bill finds itself mired in ever more controversy on an almost daily basis.

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