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5 reasons you should be worried about the divisive Policing and Crime Bill

Today, the little-noticed Policing and Crime Bill returned to committee stage in Parliament. Beneath its deceptively dull name, this Bill is bubbling with divisive measures that threaten inter-race and police-community relations.

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Human rights in the headlines - 8 April 2016

After years of trumpeting human rights abroad while seeking to demonise them at home, we learned this week that the Government is finally practising what it preaches. Let’s crack open some cold ones and celebrate, right? Wrong.

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A Shameful Disrespect for Human Rights

Yesterday European authorities accepted that the refugee crisis has shown serious weaknesses in Europe’s asylum system. The Dublin system, which leaves border countries like Greece to take the lion’s share of responsibility for the refugees seeking sanctuary in Europe, has contributed dramatically to the human suffering played out across the continent.

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The apocalyptic fun-run

It’s funny how things work out. Two weeks ago I was lamenting my bad back, feeling sorry for myself and petrified I was letting everyone down.

But today, I write as Emma Finch: World Championships Runner-up. Erm along with 16,000 others. But quickly moving on...

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Human Rights in the Headlines (and some that aren’t)

It doesn’t seem possible that we’re a quarter of the way through 2016 already – take that Mayan prophecy!

As such, and with Parliament and the courts in recess, it’s as good a time as any for a special April 1 recap of some of the challenges ahead.

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A small but beautiful thing

“This is a small but beautiful thing that we could do”

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'No evidence that the HRA needs to be repealed’: An update on the Human Rights Act

It’s always worth sharing good news, especially when it’s related to the Human Rights Act. And at a time when each new piece of Government legislation is peppered with dangerously divisive policy, we’re particularly eager for positive news

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The Calamity-ville Horror (based on a true story)

Remember how a few weeks ago I was saying I didn’t think about running anymore and it just happens?

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Public Spaces Protection Orders: No poor, no groups, no skateboards. Vampires welcome.

News agencies and foul-mouthed pun-fans nationwide had a ball last week when Salford City Council hit the headlines after Liberty criticised its use of an astonishingly vaguely worded Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to criminalise the use of

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A victory for human rights and justice: Lords amend the Immigration Bill

Last night, as they debated the Government’s pernicious Immigration Bill in the House of Lords, Peers seized the opportunity to inject some much needed compassion into legislation rammed full of cruel and divisive proposals.

Crossbench Peer Lord Alton of Liverpool led the charge on an amendment to let asylum seekers work in this country if their claims are not determined within the Home Office target time of six months.

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