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An offer of sanctuary for Europe's refugee children

On Wednesday, the Government finally agreed to insert a small fragment of humanity into what has been a discriminatory, divisive, and unjust piece of legislation, the Immigration Bill.

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A marathon effort

I did it. I ran the London Marathon. A quick-stop tour of the capital in just four hours, two minutes and 50 seconds.

Firstly, thank you so much for your support. I crossed each timing mat well aware that Liberty’s supporters were keeping tabs on my progress, and it really did spur me on. And getting over that finishing line unleashed a whirlwind of emotions – elation, exhaustion and a tinge of dizzying sickness. For the first time in my life I had nothing to say.

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Human rights in the headlines - 29 April 2016

If you’re not usually a fan of Mondays, this week’s was certainly one worth getting out of bed for.

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A slow march, but progress is on the horizon

It should go without saying – our servicemen and women are deserving of all the human rights civilians enjoy.

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MPs must act to provide sanctuary to desperate refugee children

This week the battle to bring some compassion to the Government’s toxic Immigration Bill raged in both Houses of Parliament.

MPs and Peers grappled with issues of modern slavery, the treatment of asylum seekers and the UK’s response to the refugee crisis.

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Hillsborough families inspire our fight to Save Our HRA

Twenty-seven years ago, 96 people died at Hillsborough football stadium in an appalling tragedy compounded by cover-up and untruth. It is only now – with the jury’s verdict that those who died were unlawfully killed – that their families have begun to receive anything like justice for their loved ones.

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Today's the day

This is it – go time. Today I’ll be running in the London Marathon.

I don’t really know how to feel about this. I’m not nervous. I’m not really excited. I just need to turn up and run, I suppose. But I couldn’t sleep last night.

Maybe I’m worried about the sheer effort of it all, or not getting my target time. Maybe that sixth bagel was five too many. Or maybe it’s because I stayed at a friend’s place last night for convenience and was put off by the change of surroundings. Either way, it’s finally here.

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Take action on the Immigration Bill now: 4 crucial asks for your MP

Over the past eight years there have been seven immigration bills and – since she became Home Secretary – Theresa May has made 45,000 changes to the immigration rules. 

A frenzy of activity on issues of immigration and asylum has seen appeal rights removed, legal aid denied, asylum support slashed, families torn apart by minimum income thresholds and private landlords tasked with immigration enforcement.

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Jump rope: One week to go to the London Marathon...

Have you ever felt completely weighed down by the hopes and dreams of others? To the point where you’re doing your best to move forward, but you can’t shake those nagging voices holding you back?

I thought this was happening to me last week on the south bank of the Thames. I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other, until I realised I was literally dragging five horrified child-tourists along the ground by a rope.

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Human rights in the headlines - 15 April 2016

Surveillance and immigration. A misguided and cruel Government agenda wants more of one and less of the other. You should be able to guess which is which by now.

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