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Jo Cox's enormous contribution will always be remembered

Whilst we celebrate our diversity, the thing that surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is that we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” Jo Cox MP, in her maiden speech to the Commons

For an MP to lose her life when she has opened her door to listen to her constituents is an attack on our democracy and on our value system. For a wife and mother to be taken from her young family is a tragedy.

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Government must act now to effectively provide sanctuary to unaccompanied refugee children

A report released today by UNICEF opens with a shocking statistic: more than one in three of those arriving in Europe are children. And since last September, 340 children – “many of them babies and toddlers” – have drowned in the Eastern Mediterranean. As the reports show, the majority of these children come from the most dangerous, war-torn countries in the world.

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Who's inspired you this year?

We are excited to announce that the nominations for the 2016 Liberty Human Rights Awards are now open. Every year Liberty organises this unique celebration of human rights and those who are fearless in defending them and we ask you - the public, our members and supporters - to nominate the people who have inspired you and whose work to protect human rights deserves to be recognised.

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We must demand change so no one can be treated the way Luke Johnson was again

Luke should have been released immediately after sentencing, free to go from the court. His time on remand meant he had already served the sentence he was given.

Instead, he was returned to prison and held there until 11 August. On that date, prison staff realised their mistake – and Luke was suddenly and abruptly turned out onto the streets.

He was dead within a matter of days.

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Consensus or capitulation on the Investigatory Powers Bill?

Those tuning into Report Stage of the IP Bill (or Snoopers’ Charter) this week may well have wondered whether they were really watching the last opportunity for MPs to debate one of the most significant pieces of legislation in recent years.

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Day one as Director

It’s exciting to be writing my first blog as Director of Liberty – no doubt the first of many!
There’s never a quiet week at Liberty HQ – the fight that’s never done and all that – and true to form this week is set to be a momentous one.

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A review of the bulk powers in the Snoopers' Charter is welcome - but the Government must get it right

After consistent lobbying by the Labour party and Liberty, Home Secretary Theresa May has finally announced that there will be a review of bulk powers.
The Government’s outgoing Reviewer of Terror Legislation, David Anderson QC, is to conduct a review of practices first revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden that Government is now seeking to retrospectively legitimise via powers contained the Snoopers’ Charter. 

The news has been given a cautious welcome at Liberty HQ. 

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Human rights in the headlines – 20 May 2016

Huddled round the TV with baited breath, eyes wide, glued to the tube. The tension is palpable. And then… anti-climax.

Had they re-run last year’s by mistake? Nope – Her Majesty took the lift this time around.

So it really was just a copy and paste job. For the second year running, the Government – via the Queen’s Speech – vowed “proposals will be brought forward for a British Bill of Rights” [emphasis added].

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Human Rights in the Headlines - 13 May 2016

As the Daily Mail reported this week, the time has come. In Wednesday's Queen's Speech, the Government will finally announce its intention to plough on with their "British Bill of Rights".

After multiple false starts, it seems the final strait is in sight. The fight to Save Our Human Rights Act is well and truly on. 

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Doublespeak and puzzlement: Lords' Committee on HRA repeal

The Government’s plans for a new ‘Bill of Rights’ to replace the Human Rights Act (HRA) are in “uncharted constitutional territory”, says the new report by the House of Lords’ EU Justice Committee, published yesterday. But more than that, the report demonstrates that the Government had little coherent idea of its destination when it began.

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