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In-country immigration enforcement operations are divisive, ineffective and often unlawful – they should be stopped.

Byron Hamburgers made headlines last month – for all the wrong reasons.

The chain set up fake meetings with its staff – including some who had worked for Byron for more than five years – to entrap them and trigger immediate Home Office detentions and removal from the UK.

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New guidance highlights why pregnant women should never be detained

Last week, Liberty responded to Home Office proposals to place migrants and refugees in solitary confinement for being “stubborn”.

But there’s more. This week, we’re responding to its new proposals to keep detaining pregnant women as it’s done before – flying in the face of a Government-commissioned review which recommended pregnant women never be imprisoned for immigration purposes.

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It’s work experience week at Liberty!


This week we have the pleasure of welcoming three work experience students to Liberty HQ in London.

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Nauru may be on the opposite side of the world, but its trauma is much closer to home

Shocking abuses have come to light over the last week on the Pacific island of Nauru, one of Australia’s offshore immigration detention sites.

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The case of honeymooner Faizah Shaheen shows exactly why Schedule 7 needs an overhaul

There was near-universal outrage last week as the story of Faizah Shaheen’s airport detention spread around the world.

Ms Shaheen was returning from her honeymoon in Turkey when she was stopped by police officers at Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster and questioned for 15 minutes.

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PSPO Watch: July 2016

We’ve warned about them. We’ve challenged them. We’ve had some success. But they keep coming. And it seems no one is safe from Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) which continue to chip away at our civil liberties in towns and cities all over the UK.

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Armed Forces must send a message that they do not tolerate sexual offending

With Westminster and Whitehall in the midst of a heatwave, and parliamentarians preparing for their summer recess, the publication last Thursday of the first ever set of statistics on sexual offences in the military justice system almost slipped under the radar.

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Can we trust the Home Office to detain people safely and with decency?

Last week’s Inspector of Prisons Annual Report rightly prompted a raft of media coverage reacting to the horrifying levels of violence in our failing prison system.

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The dangers of counter-productive counter-terror strategy: a stark warning from Chilcot

It seems far longer than two weeks ago that Sir John Chilcot published his Iraq Inquiry report – but with a new Government settling in, ministers have a duty to implement its lessons.

One of the report’s starkest warnings is of the dangers of counter-productive counter-terror strategy.

The Iraq Inquiry report found that, over the course of 2002 and 2003, Tony Blair was repeatedly advised that an invasion of Iraq would increase the threat to the UK from Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

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A clear message to our Government: your Snoopers' Charter will breach British people’s fundamental rights

Advocate General Saugmandsgaard Øe has delivered a forceful opinion which should cause the Government to seriously consider revising the Investigatory Powers Bill currently before Parliament – or face the prospect of further legal challenges.

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