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Major victory for Military Justice but there's still work to be done

It should go without saying that the human rights of our service men and woman deserve to be protected as much as everyone else’s. And today – following another major victory for our Military Justice campaign – a truly fair and independent justice system for our troops is a step closer.

Yesterday Defence Minister Mark Lancaster announced that allegations of sexual assault, exposure and voyeurism made within the Armed Forces will soon have to be referred to the relevant service police force.

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The Government has promised to safeguard refugee children - let's hold them to it

In a welcome statement on Tuesday, the Government announced plans to publish a safeguarding strategy for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children by 1 May 2017.

The chaos surrounding the transfer of vulnerable children from Calais has highlighted the urgent need for forward planning and a serious commitment to the welfare of these children.

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Social workers overwhelmingly opposed to Government plans to strip vulnerable children of their rights

The Government wants to allow local councils to opt out of 80 years’ worth of essential child protection obligations – stripping vulnerable children of their rights and putting them at serious risk of neglect and abuse.

Proposals in the Children and Social Work Bill would let councils ask the Secretary of State for Education to exempt them from having to comply with any aspect of children social care law since 1933.

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The Snoopers' Charter has almost passed - but this isn't the end of the road

Today, MPs have a final chance to voice their opposition to the Investigatory Powers Bill – or Snoopers’ Charter.

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Gracie Mae Bradley: Time for the Lords to stand up to government plans for ‘foreign children lists’

When we launched the Against Borders for Children (ABC) campaign last month, we had one goal: to make the Department for Education (DfE) scrap its new policy to draw up lists of foreign children through the School Census and Early Years Census. 

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Liberty at the SNP Party Conference: Human Rights in Government and Opposition

Last Friday we headed to Glasgow for Liberty’s final event of the party conference season. Journalist Libby Brooks hosted a panel discussion between our Director Martha Spurrier and a number of SNP representatives from Westminster and Holyrood – Joanna Cherry MP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice and MSP Michael Matheson and Anne McLaughlin MP.

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Mark Scott: Buck-passing and shoulder-shrugging on relocation of refugee children must end

Mark Scott, Partner at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors and nominee for Liberty Lawyer of the Year, writes about one of his recent cases arising from the unaccompanied children stuck in the camp at Calais.

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Refugee Children: Dubs or Dublin?

You may have heard the news that a small number of children have arrived in the UK from the Calais refugee camp.

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Defending the rights of others against all odds: Liberty Human Rights Awards 2016 shortlist announced

Our annual Human Rights Awards are a mere two weeks away, and today we are delighted to announce the 2016 shortlist. As ever, it gives us reasons to be hopeful - bringing together fearless young activists, ground-breaking lawyers and pioneering grassroots campaigners.

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National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016: We stand together to reject the politics of hate

“So this is how liberty dies – with thunderous applause.”

So read a tweet from one of our members – channelling Padmé Amidala of Star Wars fame – in the midst of a dark period in British politics, which has contributed to a shocking and enduring spike in hate crime in our communities.

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