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Section 60 stop and search is discriminatory, destructive and doesn't work

Last week the latest batch of police statistics were quietly released – among them, the stop and search figures for 2013/2014. As the cacophony of campaigning and political point-scoring reaches fever pitch, it’s perhaps unsurprising that they scarcely made a ripple in the press. But, once again, they make for a troubling read.

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Human rights in the headlines - 27 March 2015

On Wednesday, after a long parliamentary journey, the Modern Slavery Bill passed – sans vital protections for overseas domestic workers.  Since visa changes in 2012, migrant domestic workers have been tied to one employer upon entering the UK.  A change that failed in its purpose (reduce immigration), but was successful in increasing the abuse of vulnerable women in this country.  Which is an odd definition of success.

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The Modern Slavery battle was lost – but the war is far from over

Last night was a sad one for all those who had hoped that we would finally see the back of the tied overseas domestic workers visa which has caused such misery to so many women.

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Human rights in the headlines - 13 March 2015

One of the most important distinctions between fanatics and democrats is how they deal with dissent.

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International Women's Day 2015

It's a sad fact that women disproportionately suffer certain types of crime precisely because they are women. Domestic violence, sexual assault, rape – of course men suffer these crimes too, but it remains a terrible truth that the overwhelming majority of victims are female.

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Human rights in the headlines - Chris Grayling Special

In a departure from our usual Human Rights in the Headlines, we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog to the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling.

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Human rights in the headlines - 27 February 2015

If there’s one thing we know in the press office it’s that good news doesn’t sell papers. We try not to let this get us down – as Jerry Seinfeld said, it's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper. So you might not have heard, but this week has been one of victories here at Liberty HQ.  

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Peers have taken a vital step toward ending slavery - now MPs must listen too

We did it.

In less than a week, more than 9,000 of you took the time to sign Liberty and Kalayaan’s petition calling on Peers to back an amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill that would allow vulnerable workers to escape abusive employers by axing the deeply flawed tied visa system.

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Human rights in the headlines - 20 February 2015

Principles can be tricky things, can’t they? We all have values we think are terribly important - until we have to act on them.  Perhaps speaking up would cost us a seat on the train, a friendship or even our job – and if we’re honest whatever the price is, it’s often a bit too high. 

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Our service men and women deserve an independent complaints procedure - help us secure it

After years of feet dragging by the Ministry of Defence, a committee of MPs seized their opportunity last week and voted to change the Armed Forces Bill to ensure that our service men and women can access an independent and impartial decision-maker should they wish to make a complaint about their lives in the forces.

However, the Government opposes granting the new Service Complaints Ombudsman the power to investigate these complaints. 

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