Sam Grant

Sam Grant Liberty
Advocacy and Policy Officer

Sam started at Liberty at the start of 2018 and works on ending immigration detention, protecting the Human Rights Act, mental health and military justice issues.

Before joining Liberty, Sam was Campaigns Manager at René Cassin where he engaged and mobilised the British Jewish community on immigration detention, discrimination towards minorities, and modern slavery issues. He also was a volunteer for RightsInfo and a founding trustee of the Advocacy Academy. He holds a Masters in Human Rights from the LSE.

Sam joined the team to be a part of the incredible track record of positive change that Liberty has been involved with over the last 80 years.

Articles by Sam Grant

The Mental Health Capacity Amendment Bill affects hundreds of thousands of people – it must be treated with appropriate care

This afternoon the Lords will debate the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill – a monumental task given the problems with it and the pitiful amount of time dedicated to scrutiny.

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Stephen Shaw's new immigration detention report is essential summer reading for MPs

As MPs jet off on their summer holidays, they will no doubt be desperate for some interesting and insightful reads to fill the inevitable downtime.

One major work they almost certainly haven’t had time to pick up yet is Sir Stephen Shaw’s second review into the welfare of people held in immigration detention –published by the Home Office at 3pm on Parliament’s last day of term.

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Sajid Javid must shape his own legacy and bring an end to indefinite immigration detention

This afternoon Sajid Javid will appear before the Joint Committee on Human Rights to discuss the detention of the Windrush generation.

The Home Office have yet to work out how many people were wrongfully locked up in immigration detention – but this isn’t the only number that the new Home Secretary needs to work out. He needs to get his head around the entire immigration detention system.

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The Human Rights Act forces new guidance allowing for prompt burials in line with religious beliefs

It’s a rare moment when Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are in complete agreement. But on the result of a legal challenge to a senior coroner’s ‘cab-rank’ approach to burial, they’re completely aligned.

The coroner’s first come, first served approach – which saw no burial prioritised over any other – had been widely criticised by Jewish and Muslim communities, whose faiths require speedy burial in order to begin the mourning process.

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Mental Health Awareness Week: How you can defend your rights

This mental health awareness week an estimated one in six people will experience a 'common mental disorder' like depression or anxiety.

Over the course of a year one in four of us will experience a mental health problem and rates of self-harm in the UK are among the highest in Europe. In recent years it’s started to become more acceptable to talk about mental health – but people with mental health problems continue to face serious discrimination and mistreatment.

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Sajid Javid can't just change Home Office language - he must challenge a rotten culture

Sajid Javid is going to have to do more than change the language of the Home Office if he is to reverse the effects of the department’s hostile environment policies.

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The Home Office is detaining pregnant women, victims of torture and people with learning difficulties - and they've no idea when they'll be released

In 2017, the Home Office locked up 27,331 people in immigration detention. None of them were given a release date when they arrived in these prison-like centres.

Seven out of 10 were held longer than 28 days, and one person was held for almost five years.

Among them were children, elderly people and survivors of rape, torture and slavery.

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