Katie Bamber

Katie Bamber
Communications Director

Katie Bamber oversees Liberty’s external communications.

Before joining Liberty in 2014, Katie was part of the press and advocacy team of a leading national charity for girls and young women. She began her career as a translator and civil servant, before training as a journalist and working on newspapers in the North West and London.

Katie is particularly passionate about press freedom and challenging Government attempts to shut down transparency and accountability.

Articles by Katie Bamber

A free press is the beating heart of our democracy – don't let the Government stifle it

Yesterday Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published its annual World Press Freedom Index.

It made for grim reading. The UK is down two more places in the rankings, having slipped 12 over the past five years.

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Prime Minister, take note – the European Convention on Human Rights is a legacy of the Holocaust

Today, our Prime Minister becomes the first world leader to meet President Donald Trump. Today is also Holocaust Memorial Day. It is a day to remember all those persecuted and murdered during the Holocaust and later genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

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Human rights in the headlines – 20 May 2016

Huddled round the TV with baited breath, eyes wide, glued to the tube. The tension is palpable. And then… anti-climax.

Had they re-run last year’s by mistake? Nope – Her Majesty took the lift this time around.

So it really was just a copy and paste job. For the second year running, the Government – via the Queen’s Speech – vowed “proposals will be brought forward for a British Bill of Rights” [emphasis added].

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Human Rights in the Headlines - 13 May 2016

As the Daily Mail reported this week, the time has come. In Wednesday's Queen's Speech, the Government will finally announce its intention to plough on with their "British Bill of Rights".

After multiple false starts, it seems the final strait is in sight. The fight to Save Our Human Rights Act is well and truly on. 

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Police supervision and accountability must improve so our client's ordeal is never repeated

Last week, the case of DS Robert Dawson hit the headlines. He was dismissed from the Metropolitan Police after having sex with a vulnerable young woman whose report of rape he was investigating.

But the coverage only tells half the story of a case that goes to the very heart of Liberty’s work to ensure proportionate policing. Behind it lie serious questions about how victims are treated, and how officers are supervised and held to account.

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Why we need real judicial sign-off in the Investigatory Powers Bill

We explain why MPs must take this chance to create a proper system of Judicial Sign-Off.

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8 things we wouldn’t know without the Freedom of Information Act

In a moment of inexplicable forgetfulness during this year’s summer recess, the Government decided to announce the second review of the Freedom of Information Act in three years.

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Human rights in the headlines: a pro-Snowden James Bond and the spectre of the Snoopers' Charter

This was the week we learnt that James Bond’s latest incarnation is “sexily pro-Snowden”. As always, 007’s timing is impeccable – because this was also the week that saw the spectre of the Snoopers’ Charter return with a vengeance.

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Human rights in the headlines - 16 October 2015

So that’s it. The promenades of Bournemouth and Brighton are once again the domain of holiday-makers, dog-walkers and gargantuan seagulls. Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens has recovered from the memorable scenes of a fortnight ago. Parliament’s party conference recess is over for another year. 

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Suffragette is a call to action against the attack on universal human rights

The progression of universal human rights law is our best hope for achieving true gender equality around the world. A dark irony, then, that the (still overwhelmingly male) Conservative leadership are on the brink of dismantling our Human Rights Act and, in the process, taking a monumental step backwards.

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