Ian Browne

Ian Browne Liberty
Advice and Information Officer

Ian works as part of our Advice and Information team which assists members of the public on human rights issues.

He joined Liberty in 2016 after working at a social welfare advice centre in East London.

Articles by Ian Browne


If you’re taking part in a protest it’s worth knowing your rights – whether or not you are arrested.

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Support access to justice with the Big Give

Any donation you make by 4 December will be doubled – we need your support to create a new way to help people get access to justice

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Royal Wedding: your protest rights

For many, Saturday’s Royal Wedding will be a chance to celebrate the happy couple – but others will want to use the opportunity to voice their opposition to the continued existence of the monarchy.

Whatever side of the debate you fall on, we should all agree that it’s important to be able to celebrate or protest peacefully and lawfully.

The last Royal Wedding between William and Kate in 2011 saw the police use oppressive tactics to crack down on protesters – even arresting people they knew had no intention of committing any crime.

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Surprise visit from President Trump? Time to brush up on your protest rights

Rumours are swirling that Donald Trump intends to drop in on the UK unannounced – having apparently ducked out of a planned state visit to avoid the wide-scale protests that would inevitably greet him.

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