Hannah Couchman

Hannah Couchman Liberty
Advocacy and Policy Officer

Hannah leads our advocacy work on technology and human rights – including surveillance, the use of technology in policing, data rights and freedom of expression online. She was previously a criminal law barrister, before moving into justice policy and working on issues around the digitisation of the criminal justice system.

Prior to her practice at the Bar, Hannah was a prison law caseworker and Assistant Director of a children’s rights charity. She now volunteers with a duty scheme to provide advice, support and assistance to children and vulnerable adults detained in police custody.

Hannah joined Liberty to work with an organisation which champions freedom, fairness and compassion in policy-making.

Articles by Hannah Couchman

The fight to protect our rights from facial recognition is more important than ever

The High Court found that South Wales Police’s use of this tech is lawful, for now. But the fight to ban the use of this authoritarian tech continues – and it’s gaining momentum.

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A surveillance nightmare: secret back doors and Government ghosts

State agencies want to access our encrypted messages, in a renewed threat to our privacy and freedom of expression.

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Moving forward the fight against mass surveillance

How we want to build on one of our biggest wins against state snooping

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Papers please: how biometric ID checks put our rights at risk

On-the-spot biometric ID checks are an intrusive and unnecessary addition to the ever-expanding network of police surveillance technologies.

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Why we’re no longer taking part in a consultation on the police’s new super-database

The dangerous side effects of the Home Office’s new super-database will put our rights at risk. Here’s why Liberty cannot participate in a consultation that fails to recognise that threat.

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“Not a fool-proof system”: Facial recognition in action

As the afternoon sun beat down on East London on Thursday, the people of Stratford were being watched. 

Two CCTV cameras had been placed on the bridge linking the train station to Westfield Shopping Centre. But these cameras were a little different. They were loaded with facial recognition technology to identify members of the public.

This was the latest Metropolitan Police deployment of privacy-abusing automated facial recognition tech on the capital’s streets. Liberty was invited to observe. We were not impressed.

Computers making decisions

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Artificial Intelligence: what it is and why you should care

We are living in the future and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us.

Amazon’s Echo is the font of all knowledge. Facebook can recognise people’s faces in photos. And these days it’s hard to buy a household appliance that doesn’t think for itself.

But what exactly is AI, and why should we be wary of its rapid development and wholesale roll-out?

What is AI?

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A how-to guide to protecting your Facebook data

In the wake of the recent scandal which saw Cambridge Analytica misuse data belonging to 87 million Facebook users, more and more people are realising that the information they’ve shared on the social media platform has been used in a way they didn’t intend.

Lengthy, complex privacy agreements mean very few people have given fully informed consent to the way their data is used – from your name and age through to your political views and relationship status.

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