Donnchadh Greene

Donnchadh Greene Liberty
Advice and Information Officer

Donnchadh provides legal advice on a range of human rights issues to members of the public and co-manages Liberty’s legal advice line.

Before joining Liberty, Donnchadh worked as an asylum support assistant for the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group supporting LGBTI refugees. He has also volunteered for various legal charities as a paralegal, including the Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit and Just for Kids Law.

Donnchadh came to Liberty because of our dedication to fighting laws which prejudice the vulnerable and our commitment to changing the way people view their human rights.

Articles by Donnchadh Greene

Why you should get your face painted if you're marching against Trump

This Friday thousands of people will march in the ‘carnival of resistance’. And in the spirit of the day, Liberty will be staging its own act of resistance – painting faces to throw off intimidating, intrusive and discriminatory facial recognition cameras.

Police forces across the country have been rolling out facial recognition surveillance technology on our streets, and protest groups have told us it could put them off exercising their right to protest in the future.

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What a landmark victory for John Worboys' victims means for you

After two of John Worboys' victims won a landmark victory in the Supreme Court, Liberty Advice and Information Officer Donnchadh Greene explains what the case means for victims of serious violence

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Know your rights: police stop and scan technology

Last month, the Home Office announced that West Yorkshire Police will roll out an expanded scheme of on-the-spot fingerprint scanning. Officers armed with portable scanners will be able to check people’s fingerprints – on the street – against both criminal databases and error-strewn Home Office lists of asylum seekers.

When can an officer stop and scan you?

Police can use fingerprint scanners in very limited circumstances. They must:

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Donate to Liberty through the Big Give to double your contribution to our work

This year, your support will go straight to our human rights advice and information service. Our Advice & Information Officer Donnchadh Greene explains why we need your help now more than ever.

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