Debaleena Dasgupta

Debaleena Dasgupta Liberty

Debaleena joined Liberty in 2015 after 10 years in private practice, having qualified as a solicitor in 2007.

She specialises in taking cases on behalf of people whose rights have been breached by police misconduct and in working for victims of sexual violence, whether committed by police officers or others.

Debaleena has brought challenges on behalf of women against the police and the Crown Prosecution Service for refusing to pursue allegations of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault. She has also lodged several claims against the police arguing that the State has a duty under the Human Rights Act to properly investigate rape.

Articles by Debaleena Dasgupta

The Prevent database confirms our fears about the Government’s ‘counter-extremism’ work

The Government’s “counter-extremism” work is more about keeping tabs on people predominantly from communities it deems problematic, than it is about keeping us safe.

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LGBT+ lessons in schools: what does the law say?

This week further stories emerged of a small but vocal campaign which objects to primary schools telling children about LGBT+ people and families, when they are being taught about relationships.

Some campaigners claim that any mention of LGBT+ people and families conflicts with their religious beliefs. Some have even pointed to legal protections for freedom of religion in the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act to support their case.

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Our Police Super-Complaint is a chance to end data sharing – and make us all more safe

Last week, jointly with Southall Black Sisters, Liberty lodged the first ever police super-complaint. This is under a new scheme that allows designated bodies to make complaints about systemic problems we have observed in policing

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One month after Government promised to scrap the ‘same roof rule’, serious concerns remain

Last month, the Government published its Victims Strategy, setting out its “vision for victims of crime”.

The strategy outlines that there will shortly be a consultation on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) – a government-funded scheme meant to compensate victims of violent crime.

The CICS can be a vital way for victims to have their experiences acknowledged and help them move on – and Liberty has been campaigning for, and working with, victims to ensure it is as fair as possible.

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The Prevent duty turned my young clients' lives upside down and destroyed their trust in others - it must be repealed

Our lives are divided into before and after.

“Before that day, my children were just children. They trusted their teachers and friends – school was a safe place. Before that day, I was just another mum: chatting at the playground gates, reading with other children in school, helping out at the PTA, planning my dream life in a country village.

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