Liberty Manifesto:

Stand against discriminatory policing

Across the UK, police forces are using discriminatory tools and powers which stigmatise minority communities, erode trust and are ultimately ineffective.

Tackling serious youth violence and crime more generally is a pressing human rights issue, but the Government has again turned to stop and search – and has even made it easier to stop and search people who are not suspected of any criminal activity. Evidence shows increased stop and search has minimal – at best – impact on violent crime levels.

Meanwhile racial disproportionality in stop and search is at its highest in more than 20 years, and is rising. This fuels the breakdown of relationships between the police and local communities, and makes it harder for officers to do their jobs.

Police across the UK are using predictive policing programs to predict where and when crime will happen – and even who will commit it. These programs rely on biased algorithms – entrenching pre-existing discrimination and directing officers to patrol areas which are already disproportionately over-policed or relying on offensive profiling to decide how people will behave.

We can put equality and justice at the heart of our response to serious violence and tackling crime by rethinking how forces operate and outlawing these discriminatory tools and powers.

Let's build a fairer more respectful society

  • Outlaw the use of racist predictive policing tools.
  • Scrap powers to stop and search people without suspicion and limit remaining stop and search powers.

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