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"Our democracy gives us the tools to keep Britain kind, fair and free. By coming together, keeping watch and speaking out, we can use them to put compassion back into politics."
Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty

Liberty is the watchdog for the people’s rights in the UK.

We’ve been changing laws, changing minds and making our country a better, fairer place for 80 years.

Our members hold the powerful to account, no matter who’s running the country.

And over the next five years we’re going to be needed more than ever.


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Recent years have seen politicians exploit fear to create laws that divide, discriminate and disregard human rights, in a desperate bid to look tough on immigration and strong on security at any cost:

- Border controls have crept into every part of life, with schools and doctors forced to pass sensitive data to the Home Office to aid deportation.

- Landlords face jail if they let a home to the “wrong” person and homelessness charities are being employed to flag up vulnerable rough sleepers.

- A new criminal offence of “driving while illegal” will lead to racial profiling on our streets – risking major damage to police-community relations.

- The Government has shamefully abandoned its international responsibilities in the face of the refugee crisis – and more than 30,000 people are locked up indefinitely in immigration detention centres on our shores every year, having committed no crime.

- Proposals for the upcoming Great Repeal Bill left gaping holes where UK residents’ rights should be – and this week the Prime Minister announced she would tear up human rights laws if they got in the way of unsafe, draconian counter-terror powers.

But we have the power to put things right. Those politicians work for us.

Over the next five years, with your help, Liberty will campaign through the courts, in Parliament and on the streets to dismantle existing racist laws, block the weakening of human rights protections and challenge any new laws that discriminate and divide.

We’re going to put decency, compassion and fairness back at the heart of UK politics.

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