Anyone for TPIMs - Control Orders with a twist?

On Monday afternoon MPs will be asked to pass a Bill which will continue one of the worst legacies of the ‘war on terror’ - punitive sanctions imposed on potentially innocent individuals without them ever being charged, prosecuted or sentenced for any crime.

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So we all believe in open justice now?

23 May 2011

Today amidst a media storm about superinjunctions, the Government published details of Terrorism Protection and Investigation Measures (TPIMs) – rebranded control orders.

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Mixed Messages

This week the House of Commons will be faced with two extremely important debates.

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Stars endorse Liberty’s campaign on unsafe unfair control orders

27 February 2011

On the eve of the Oscars, stars have lined up to condemn unsafe unfair control orders, which have been repackaged as Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (Tpim) by the Coalition. Academy award winners Emma Thompson and Annie Lennox joined with Honor Blackman, Simon Callow and Riz Ahmed to back Liberty’s campaign against Government proposals to continue the regime.

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Progress on stop and search but Control Orders by any other name

26 January 2011

Today the long-delayed publication of the Government’s Counter-Terrorism Review revealed that control orders will effectively be retained. When the review was announced in June last year, the Home Secretary publicly asked for Liberty’s contribution. The human rights group’s response explained the problems with the regime and offered alternatives.

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Deputy Prime Minister slates control orders

07 January 2011

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg criticized the control order regime in a speech on civil liberties, given at the Institute of Government this morning. Although no details were announced on legislative proposals, he said ‘I don’t think it’s justifiable to impose virtual house arrest without having to charge or convict someone first’.

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Liberty poll shows public support investigation and prosecution over unsafe and unfair control orders

06 January 2011

Today a Liberty poll revealed that the public prefer surveillance of terror suspects to gather evidence for prosecution rather than the control order regime.

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Minister on Question Time: caught in the headlights?

Was it just me or did Lib Dem Jeremy Browne defend control orders on Question Time last night?

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Reports of 'Coalition car crash' over control orders – will Government sell out over unsafe and unfair policy?

Control orders, the anti-terror policy dreamt up by officials in 2005, allow for terror suspects to be placed under house arrest forever without any semblance of criminal charge or trial.

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Seven simple things you can do to help protect civil liberties

At Liberty HQ we get to spend all day campaigning to defend human rights and civil liberties, but we know not everyone is as lucky as we are.

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