Mobile phone extraction

Unfortunately, similarly to BWV, there is limited information on how the police can use these technologies. The police rely on the common law power of prevention and detection of crime, they have also been known to rely on PACE 1984.

If you are a suspect, victim or witness the police could well use mobile phone extraction on your phone. If you are asked to hand over your phone, be aware that the police mobile extraction tools extract all the information on your phone – even information that has been deleted.

As the legal framework is unclear, it is not clear whether or not you can refuse consent to pass over your phone. If you have been arrested, it is unlikely that you would be allowed to refuse consent. If you are a victim, they have no powers of compulsion to make you hand over your phone, but they may threaten to not proceed with your case if you refuse to hand it over. 

IMSI Catchers

For IMSI catchers, the case is even more unclear as when Privacy International made a Freedom of Information request to certain police forces, the police responded that they “neither confirm nor deny” that they use the technology.

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