The Mosquito

The Mosquito is a small device which gives off a high-pitched buzzing sound designed to be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

The pitch of the noise is so high that it is only heard by children and young people, whose ears are more sensitive to high pitched noises - the cut off point is usually around 25 years old.

The technology used in the Mosquito was first developed to scare away vermin, but is now used by shopkeepers, councils and others to drive off children and teenagers.

Our concerns

  • The Mosquito targets any young person in the area, including very young children and babies;
  • It affects law abiding children in the same way as those who are committing offences, which is degrading and discriminatory;
  • It assumes young people will behave badly, and doesn’t affect adult law breakers at all;
  • It is a disproportionate and unfair reaction to the bad behaviour of some children, often creating no-go areas for young people in their own towns;
  • It alienates young people from the community, which could prove counter-productive;
  • It exposes young people to extreme discomfort, and little is known about the long-term effects on people’s hearing.


What you can do to help

Help us to get the Mosquito declared illegal by the courts. Liberty is looking for someone to help us take a test case against the Mosquito. If you feel you have been adversely affected by the Mosquito let us know by using the form on our BUZZ OFF campaign page.