Guardians of Liberty

Welcome to the Guardians of Liberty network

Guardians of Liberty is a growing network of people who believe human rights and civil liberties matter. Through pledging annual support of £600 or more, your contributions help us do more of what we do best speak out against bad policy, speak up for the vulnerable, and get justice for victims of abuse and injustice.

Guardians donations go to our sister charity the Civil Liberties Trust, which means they are Gift Aid eligible. For every £100 you give, we’ll receive up to £25 more a unique benefit member subscriptions can’t provide.

Testing times for human rights

Liberty campaigns have been making the news, changing the law, and holding the powerful to account since 1934, from protecting privacy and freedom of speech, to fighting discrimination and injustice. We do this so no one has to demand these things alone, sometimes because no one else will.

Many people think the fight for fundamental rights and freedoms in the UK is already won. The current threat to our Human Rights Act shows it is anything but. With new limits on access to justice, surveillance without bounds, and quick-fix counter terror laws repeating past mistakes, times for rights and civil liberties are tougher than ever. Our Save Our Human Rights Act campaign is set to be the largest and most critical we’ve launched in years. Expanding the Guardians of Liberty network will be key to our success.

Invest in Liberty’s future

We want to grow the network to 100 founding members by the end of 2016. If we succeed, Liberty Guardians will collectively contribute at least £75,000 a year – a funding stream of its own that will drive Liberty’s progress, allowing us to expand in size and reach. Eight decades of progress has shown us there will always be a need for Liberty’s work. Together with our members and supporters, we’ll show human rights for us all are here to stay.  

How your donations help

Guardians of Liberty help us do more of what we know works:

Stand up for people in court: Liberty’s test case litigation changes the law for the better.  

Push for policy reform: Liberty’s well-respected policy team holds influence with decision makers; highlighting the real impact of changes affecting us all.  

Inspire people to act: Liberty campaigns and resources help thousands of people across the UK call for change.

Make voices heard in the media: Liberty represents the ‘other side of the story’ across the UK media.

Give free legal advice and information: Every year, thousands of people come to Liberty’s advice and information team for help. Every day, our staff, volunteers and supporters respond.

What you get in return  

As a valuable contributor to the network you’ll receive:

  • Key breaking news and updates direct from your personal Liberty contact
  • A complimentary ticket to our Human Rights Awards and post-awards reception
  • Invitations to Network events, including an exclusive Guardians reception each year
  • A copy of our Annual Review 
  • Our quarterly newsletter

By becoming a Guardian of Liberty you join us the heart of the movement of human rights and civil liberties in the UK. You’ll support us through the testing times ahead, and play a crucial role in our success.

For more information please call Emma in Liberty’s Development Team on 020 7378 3652 or email

Become a Guardian of Liberty today

To become a Guardian of Liberty today, please complete and return this form to: FREEPOST RSSU-UKGS-TEXY Liberty House 26-30 Strutton Ground LONDON SW1P 2HR

I became a Guardian of Liberty because it is the only charity I support which focuses on all of us as individuals. At the moment, Liberty’s resources are concentrated on the threat to our Human Rights Act. If there are any causes more worth fighting for than our rights as human beings, I have yet to hear of them.”

Hans, Guardian of Liberty.