Human Rights Act

The Government has promised to ‘update’ the Human Rights Act . While there are improvements needed, this Government’s track record suggests that their proposed edits will weaken our human rights.


In the UK, our rights are protected by the Human Rights Act (HRA) – a landmark piece of law worth celebrating.

But the Government has promised to ‘update’ the HRA. This may sound harmless, but the Government’s recent track record of wanting to scrap the Act suggests that any edits to it will weaken our rights.

And we know already that the Government wants to block the HRA from applying to incidents that took place before 2000.


For 20 years, the Human Rights Act has been used by everyone, from soldiers, to disabled people and journalists. It is there for each and every one of us to – to defend our rights and hold the powerful to account.

It has protected our right to protest and pray, to think what we like and say what we think, and to keep our private lives private. And it has forced the police to do a better job investigating crime.

It protects all of us, all the time.

The Government’s plan to limit the Act to incidents which occurred after 2000 is dangerously misguided and would have even prevented the Hillsborough families from uncovering the truth and fighting for justice.

And once the HRA is edited for one purpose, it’s clear where it’s headed: some rights for some people some of the time.

Parliament has already voted to scrap the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights after Brexit. We cannot allow any further watering down of our rights and freedoms.

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