Fight Government Discrimination

Say ‘NO’ to laws that discriminate, spread hate and divide our communities
Fight Government Discrimination
"The Government claims it’s creating a ‘hostile environment’ for illegal immigrants – but, in building a border on every street, they’re dividing whole communities and making life more difficult for us all."
Rosie Brighouse, Liberty Lawyer

In recent years, politicians have introduced a raft of cruel laws designed to make life as unbearable as possible for migrants in our country.

These laws are as ineffective as they are unfair.

They have made life worse for all of us – spreading racial profiling, fear and division in our communities and turning trusted public servants and private individuals into unwilling border police.

They’ve left vulnerable families afraid to access the services they need. Parents too scared to send children to school.  And made anyone who doesn’t look or sound “British” a target for discrimination.

We’re all collateral damage in this misguided attempt to look tough on immigration at any cost.

Not on our watch

Liberty won’t rest until we’ve stamped out laws and policies that spread fear and hate – and put decency, dignity and fairness back at the heart of UK politics.

We are working to challenge and undo these laws in the courts, in Parliament and on the streets – and we need your help.

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The creep of border controls into our lives

When she was Home Secretary, Theresa May boasted about creating a “hostile environment” for migrants in the UK.

So what does that mean in practice?

In recent years, we’ve seen the Home Office’s tentacles creeping into every corner of our lives.

  • In our hospitals – Healthcare providers are being forced to put aside compassion to carry out immigration checks and share confidential patient information.
  • In our classrooms – Schools are being used to build foreign children lists so the Home Office can deport pupils and their families.
  • In our homes – Landlords face jail if they let a home to someone without the "right to rent".
  • On our streets – Police have been handed powers that should lie with immigration officers, risking huge damage to community relations – and the Home Office has even used homeless charities to spy on vulnerable rough sleepers.


Our immigration rules should be enforced at the border by trained professionals. Our educators, doctors and police should be left to get on with teaching our children, treating the sick and keeping us safe. 

It doesn’t matter whether you think we should have more or less immigration. It doesn’t matter whether you voted leave or remain. It doesn’t matter if you support one political party or none at all.

This is about standing up for the shared values that make us proud of our country. Like treating everyone fairly, with compassion, dignity and respect.

In the era of Brexit, with hate crime on the rise, now is the time for our politicians to build bridges, not divide.

Join Liberty in saying ‘NO’ to the politics of division.