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Momentum is building. Liberty’s members have demanded the People’s Clause – amendments to the Repeal Bill creating a binding promise to protect our rights after Brexit.
Tell your MP to back the People's Clause
“Every MP owes it to the people they represent to back the People’s Clause and stand up for rights that so many of us have fought long and hard for.”
John Walker

The Repeal Bill in its current form isn’t fit for purpose. It takes the people out of the process and lets a few ministers decide everything for us. 

Plenty of MPs and peers – from all the major parties – know it. Which is why dozens have stood up for the people they represent and signed up to the People’s Clause amendments. 

Every week, more join the list.

Now is the time to keep the pressure on. Ask your MP to back the People’s Clause today.

The Repeal Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation in a generation. It will rewrite our laws after we leave the European Union. 

Those laws affect every one of us – our friends, our families, our children. Laws against discrimination and privacy invasions. Protections for workers, LGBT, disabled and older people. Rights we fought for and won long ago.

The People’s Clause makes sure the rights we’ve gained from EU membership aren’t going anywhere. The package:

- Creates a black-and-white promise that ministers can’t use their Repeal Bill law-making powers to roll back our rights protections

- Makes sure Parliament scrutinises how ministers rewrite laws, to prevent backroom deals that dodge the democratic process

- Brings all our fundamental rights protections home from the EU in full force – including a fully enforceable Charter of Fundamental Rights and non-discrimination laws – and doesn’t let the Government get away with carving out a gaping human rights exemption from its promise to preserve legal consistency after Brexit.

The case for these amendments is strong. The Government knows it. 

Among all the noise about Brexit, we need to make sure we are heard. 

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What's at stake

Whether you voted leave or remain, you definitely didn’t vote to leave your fundamental rights at the EU exit door.

But if our MPs let the Repeal Bill pass in its current form, that’s what could happen. 

It gives a handful of ministers unbelievably broad powers to change our laws with no real scrutiny from Parliament – and contains nothing to stop them quietly stripping away rights protections.

And when you cut out Parliament, you cut out the people.

Not only that, but the Government already has shown it can’t be trusted with our rights. 

They promised the Repeal Bill would be a ‘cut and paste’ exercise to maintain legal continuity and consistency after Brexit. 

They promised discussions about which laws to keep and which to abandon would happen after the chaos of Brexit, with a proper legislative debate. 

But they broke those promises when they made a glaring exemption for rights protections. 

The Repeal Bill singles out the Charter of Fundamental Rights as the one law that won’t be cut-and-pasted after Brexit. 

And it strips us of our ability to defend important rights in our courts, by taking away fundamental EU law protections against discrimination. 

The threat is clear and urgent. We need our MPs to do their jobs and stick up for those they represent.

We need them to back the People’s Clause. 

It couldn’t be simpler. Ministers keep promising they’ll protect our rights as we leave the EU.

So why not put that in black and white in their new law?

We’re calling on MPs to amend the Repeal Bill to add a binding commitment on the Government to look after our rights.

MPs are debating the Repeal Bill now. Will yours protect our rights and back the People’s Clause? Use the forms above to email or tweet your MP today.

John Walker – and why we need proper protection in the Repeal Bill

John Walker speaks to journalists outside the Supreme Court 12/7/17
John Walker outside the Supreme Court.

The experience of Liberty client John Walker shows why we can’t always trust the Government to protect our rights.

John won a landmark victory in the Supreme Court in July, finally ending pension inequality for LGBT couples in the UK.

But the ruling was made under parts of EU law preventing discrimination – which aren’t protected in the Repeal Bill.

That means there’s a risk this right to equality will be lost after Brexit – a massive backward step that would make same-sex couples second-class citizens again.

The Government fought John all the way to the highest court in the UK. Since his victory they have refused to promise this right to equal pensions – or any other similar rights – will apply after Brexit.

John says: “We can’t simply trust ministers to do the right thing when it comes to our rights, because sometimes – as my case shows – they just don’t.

“Every MP owes it to the people they represent to back the People’s Clause and stand up for rights that so many of us have fought long and hard for.”