Emma Norton

Emma Norton
Head of Legal Casework

Emma manages our legal casework and undertakes a variety of human rights test cases across a range of areas.

She's one of our leading voices on soldiers’ rights, acting for three of the Deepcut families and the family of Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement. Emma also conducts much of Liberty’s surveillance litigation and represents a number of women who have been the victim of sexual crime and let down by the criminal justice system.

Emma is a qualified solicitor and has a background in prison law, mental health law and immigration detention work. She also sits on the Human Rights Committee of the Law Society.

Articles by Emma Norton

Remembrance Day: our troops deserve the same rights and protections as the rest of us

The best way to honour those who have given their lives, and those who still are in the forces, is to look after our service people properly and give them the same basic protections that the rest of us enjoy. Second-best justice is not good enough.

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The latest Army Sexual Harassment Report shows drastic changes are urgently needed

The Army’s sexual harassment survey and action plan was published earlier this month.

The survey indicates that both generalised sexualised behaviours – those relating to the culture and working environment – and sexualised behaviour targeted at a specific person have reduced slightly since 2015.

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Everyone has the right to protest - not just those who can pay for it

The People’s Walk for Wildlife – led by wildlife TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham – is due to take place this weekend on Saturday 22 September.

Walkers of all ages will gather in Hyde Park at 10am and march to Whitehall – where they will hand A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife in to 10 Downing Street.

But the first demonstration of its kind, aimed at promoting awareness of the urgent need to preserve the diversity of our wildlife and natural habitat, was faced with a huge hurdle.

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Ireland has voted to repeal the 8th. Now Northern Ireland's victorian abortion laws must fall too.

Ireland has today voted overwhelmingly to reform its abortion laws to enable women to access abortion services up to the 12th week of pregnancy. But on this day it is absolutely vital that we don’t forget our sisters in Northern Ireland. 

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“Neither efficient, effective or fair” - where can soldiers turn when things go wrong?

In January, the Armed Forces released a new recruitment campaign designed to show their human side. Soldiers talked about how they feel comfortable in the Army regardless of their gender, religion, sexuality or emotions.

It’s good to see the military attempting to clean up their reputation for having a tough, toxic culture – but in the past it’s been difficult to see if the public rhetoric is matched by real change for real soldiers.

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Our soldiers deserve first-rate justice

The UK has two separate justice systems – one for soldiers, and one for the rest of us. Yesterday, an important criminal case being heard in the court martial – kept out of the public eye by reporting restrictions until now – collapsed. And it exposes everything that’s wrong with this second class system.

This was a criminal trial involving allegations that a number training instructors at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate had committed very serious assaults on children who had signed up as junior recruits.

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Why it's not okay for police to quietly roll out on-the-spot fingerprint scanning

The Home Office has announced that West Yorkshire Police will roll out a scheme of on-the-spot fingerprint scanning – without any public or parliamentary debate. 

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Two decades after Sean Benton died, let's hope 2018 brings the answers his family deserve

For Sean’s family, for those who served at Deepcut barracks, for everyone who wants people who fight for their country to be treated with the respect they deserve, we hope the new Coroner can finally uncover the truth about what happened to Sean Benton.

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Sean Benton's case exposes Government plans to abandon human rights as nakedly self-serving

Today is a momentous day for the family of Private Sean Benton, who died at Deepcut barracks in 1995.

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What the Government must do after the Grenfell Tower fire

The Government has an opportunity – a chance to take a different approach to the one it has followed after so many previous disasters.

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