Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill 2013-14

The Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill proposes to replace existing orders (such as ASBOs) with a new  generation of injunctions which are easier to obtain, harder to comply with and have harsher penalties.

The Bill would also introduce unfair double punishment for the vulnerable, as social tenants and their families will face mandatory eviction for breaching a term of an injunction.

Other measures in the Bill include some restrictions on Schedule 7 stop and search powers which, while welcome, unfortunately come nowhere near addressing the dangerous breadth and intrusiveness of these powers.

The Bill also weakens key safeguards in our already heavily-criticised extradition system by removing the automatic right of appeal against extradition orders.

Follow the progress of the Bill through Parliament and read our briefings below.


1. First reading - 9 May 2013

2. Second reading - 10 June 2013

The first briefing addresses Parts 1-6 of the Bill, which restructure and expand the current regime for dealing with anti-social behaviour, creating new orders and injunctions which are much easier to obtain and more difficult to comply with, with more punitive sanctions for breach. Part 5 of the Bill creates a new mandatory power for judges to evict a person who lives in social housing, which must be exercised if that person breaches an anti-social behaviour order or injunction.

The second briefing addresses Parts 7-12 of the Bill which make provision for a variety of different policy areas. Liberty is strongly opposed to the proposal in Part 11 to remove the automatic right of appeal against an extradition order, one of the few safeguards in our flawed extradition system. The briefing also addresses forced marriage reforms (Part 9); proposals to restrict access to compensation for miscarriages of justice (Part 12); and reforms to Dangerous Dogs legislation (Part 7).


3. Committee stage - 25 June 2013


4. Report stage - 14 October 2013


5. Third reading



6. First reading - 16 October 2013

7. Second reading - 29 October 2013


8. Committee stage


9. Report stage - 8 January 2014


10 Third reading - TBA

11. Consideration of amendments - TBA

12. Royal Assent - 14 March 2014