Liberty Manifesto

Stand up for migrants rights

The Government’s discredited and racist hostile environment is trying to erode the ties that bind our society together.

People should be able to access essential public services – like sending their children to school, seeking medical care and reporting crime – without fear of immigration enforcement. But the hostile environment has turned public servants into border guards. We have defeated a Government policy that let the Home Office hoover up confidential patient data collected by health workers. Now we want all public servants to be free to protect, help and educate.

The UK is the only nation in Europe which locks people in immigration detention centres with no time limit on how long they can be held – including children, pregnant people and survivors of torture and trafficking. Just one month in detention devastates mental health. Many people are held for months on end. Some for years. A 28-day time limit is a simple change with cross-party support which would save lives. It would also save a lot of taxpayers’ money. The Government just needs to implement it.

We have the chance to redesign our immigration system to respect people’s rights and treat everyone with dignity.

Let's build a fairer more respectful society

  • End the hostile environment and permanently separate essential public services and immigration enforcement.
  • Set a 28-day time limit on immigration detention.

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