Liberty Manifesto

Reject mass surveillance

Rights like privacy, protest, free expression, the free press, and fair trials are fundamental to any free society. But they are under threat from an expanding range of surveillance powers.

The UK has the most intrusive mass surveillance regime of any democracy. Under the Snoopers’ Charter the authorities can collect information about everything we do and say online – including web and location history, and who we call, email and text. This information paints a detailed picture of who we are and what we think. Along with a broad coalition of campaigners, Liberty will continue to fight the Government in the courts to protect us all from this invasion of privacy.

Police are using facial recognition technology on our streets and in places like shopping centres. Cameras scan everyone going past and create maps of their faces – more like fingerprints than photographs – which are checked against secretive watch lists. It is a dangerously intrusive and discriminatory technology that destroys our privacy rights and forces people to change their behaviour.

People everywhere are taking small actions of resistance against unwarranted surveillance. But they shouldn’t have to. Parliament has the power to protect their freedom – it’s time it used it.

Let's build a fairer more respectful society

  • Tear up the Investigatory Powers Act (the Snoopers’ Charter).
  • Ban the use of facial recognition technology in all publicly accessible spaces.

Download Liberty's manifesto (PDF)